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Spirit of the Rain by Tom Toyama

"Spirit of the Rain" is a multi-media and interdisciplinary show of original poetry, music, modern dance, and nature sounds promoting greater public awareness of climate change and the plight of eco-systems of our Earth. It was composed, directed and produced by Tom Toyama.

It won Florida's Individual Artist Fellowship, Broward Cultural Foundation Brad Foster Fellowship, and Florida's Millennium Cultural Recognition Award in 2000. On May 22, 1998, the day "Spirit of the Rain" premiered, "Tom Toyama Day" was also proclaimed by the City of Hollywood, Florida.

The premier "Spirit of the Rain" was featured on front page news articles in South Florida's print media including the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel. In 2000, it was featured in Florida History and the Arts Magazine.

Spirit of the Rain performances included the Mahaffey Center for the Performing Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida and at the Southern Arts Exchange in Louisville, Kentucky. Spirit of the Rain participated in the Florida Artist Touring program from 2001 to 2004.

Tom Toyama is planning to do another huge production of "Spirit of the Rain" ecological multi-media/interdisciplinary show in the year 2013 Earthday Concert.

He is asking for your monetary donations for the production and performance costs for another "Spirit of the Rain" Show. All donations will be placed in a separate Paypal account for Spirit of the Rain and will only be used to pay promotion, production and performance costs of "Spirit of the Rain."

After paying all promotion, production and performance expenses, 100% of the monies left over from donations and ticket sales will be donated to a conservation organization for the purchase of the Earth's rain forest lands for conservation and preservation. Tom Toyama believes this to be a worthy and necessary.

Tom is also looking for a team of dedicated volunteers to work together assisting in the promotion, production, performance, and videoing. Please use the contact page to send an email with your contact information.

(Spirit of the Rain is a registered trademark of Tom Toyama)

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