Update! Tom Toyama: Will be in Honolulu, Hawaii Aug. 1st - 10th,  2014.
Contact soon for jazz vibe workshops and to set up private jazz vibraphone lesson times.
Must have their own or have access to a vibraphone.
send email to : tom@tomtoyama.com
Tom Toyama

Aloha Everyone:

This page is dedicated to my Hawaii family members, friends, classmates and all the local people of Hawaii.

My Hawaii Background.
Raised in Honolulu, from 9 years to end of high school. Attended Moanalua Elementary, Intermediate, and High Schools. Played high school football, ran track and surfed waves and played music on my free time.

This page will feature the tunes I have written and will soon produce about the local boy Hawaii lifestyle and some traditional Hawaii culture as well.
It will also feature links to music videos for the next 3 local lifestyle songs. ope you like it.


Tom Toyama


Hiroshiuma Hula Choroegraphy